Masters of the world

are riding a bike

Biking. I’ve become the master of Time, Universe, even the master of Paris, riding a bike.

Suddenly, I was moving a little faster than time, while remaining perfectly at ease. Biking ! I was ahead of every moment. My front wheel was exploring the mysterious world of the night, while my back wheel was still mingling with tourists, with bohemian artists, who were immortalizing the visit of a very impressive star, Life, while I was passing by this sophisticated woman in a glittering dress, every Parisian called “La Seine”.

Paris. At this early stage, Paris was only a village. We all knew each other by our names. Suburbs full of concrete had not yet pushed all their inhabitants away, in the hope of beauty, pure light, and a corner of greenery.

Biking. I’ve become the master of Time, Universe, even of Paris, riding a bike. Paris, you know, I master your architecture, as if I were the Baron Haussman, and I had figured out the plans of each area of your districts. Paris, you know me, I know you, as if we were lovers, even parents, at the head of a large family of smiling memories.

Paris… You can’t ignore it : now, you’re hosting too many people at home. At our place. At your place. Yes, I ride away from all this restless sensory magma. I ride my bike again, as I used to do. To anticipate every moment. To get ahead of every moment. Every moment.

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